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Cute Nail Art: Lace & Floral

Hello everyone! How’s it going? I hope everyone is having a good day. I did this simple cute nail art yesterday and wanted to share! 🙂 To have cute nails is quite easy to make yourself! hehe20200515_182625-01The easiest way to do cute nail art is by nail stickers! I have these, but I do want to get a couple more! You can even wear cute nail stickers with a clear nail polish and it will still be cute!


Just paint your nails and paste the stickers where you want and put a clear coat and you’re done!

I decided to use this turquoise color since it matches with the flowers. I’d recommend to put a clear coat polish on top to make the stickers last longer.tumblr_lqylmp2apa1ql1l0v54020200515_192051-01I just have to clean the edges and should be okay. tumblr_inline_n3c3ltpQuX1qbq39l Now I kind of regret painting the same color as the flower. lol I think I should of painted it another color so it can stand out more, but I still think it looks adorable.

You can also put rhinestones, which I have way more of those than nail stickers, but for this look I wanted something super simple / cute.

I want to get Disney or Sanrio nail stickers now that I’m thinking about it. haha Those would be super cute to think about it!


Anyway, thank you so much for reading, I really appreciate it so much!! tumblr_inline_mo7p09ibA61qz4rgp540 I hope to see you around next time, bye!

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