What A Rainy Day

Hello everyone! I’m going to go into a mini ramble, but it has a purpose… so yeah! My favorite type of blogs are lifestyle blogs. I really don’t mind reading of everyday type things – I think it’s really fun. You know the ones where they write their day like it was their diary or journal, yeah those. I started reading some old blogs from way back in the day I used to read and I’m feeling inspired. lol

I decided I want to make some of my posts like that too! I like them a lot so why not?

Today has been raining a lot! It has been raining since I woke up. My mom needed help moving some stuff and then after I was surprisingly really hungry so I made myself and my mom some breakfast. The rest of the family was asleep still. lol


20200516_193154-01Today I felt inspired so I got my lazy butt and put on a cute outfit, but comfy still. I haven’t felt this cute in a while. haha20200516_151740-01I love this romper, it actually is the first time I’ve worn it and oh boy will I wear this often now! It have pockets too!

Outfit: Romper – Either a thrift store or garage sale, don’t remember. Cardigan- DD’s Discount. Necklace- Gift

This is one of my favorite necklaces I own, isn’t it pretty! tumblr_lkl6qodkIv1qfamg6


20200516_174916-01I put makeup on today, and it felt pretty good. hehe I was testing these new products I recently got. tumblr_inline_p9ds47IOGK1rhwzwl_75sq I’ll review these in the future when I’ve used them a couple more times.20200516_175722-01Had to do an errand and was raining quite heavy! tumblr_lkl773QmKa1qfamg6540

20200516_144958-01When I got into the car my ankle was hurting! It actually had been hurting since I woke up and I just didn’t look at it till I was in the car and it was swollen! It still hurts! flail2I have no clue how the heck I got this, but let’s hope feels better soon! No wonder it felt / feels painful. haha I made the picture smaller, because looks weird. haha

We ended coming back really fast since the weather was really strong.

The rest of my family were watching a scary movie so I joined in in the living room. Appropriate weather for a scary movie. lol 20200516_154309-01I didn’t end up watching it all since I came to my room to write my nail art post, you can read it if you want, it’s the one before this one.

It started to get chilly because of the rain so I put a warm sweater on and it didn’t look too bad with my romper. I think looks cute.20200516_180555-01The only thing is the pockets made it look a bit lumpy, but it’s okay, still cute! tumblr_inline_nl8y6nQDGV1t90c7j540

I was really hungry so I went to go get some sherbet. haha Do you like sherbet? I think it’s really yummy.20200516_181635-01I forgot what flavor it is, something blood orange I think?


I ate some cheese chile relleno. It was really yummy! My picture/ lighting doesn’t do it justice. lol

Darn, now I’m hungry again. It’s late already so I’ll eat tomorrow! tumblr_inline_mg0p2uirLO1qdlkyg




20200516_204915-01Went and got another sweet! Coco ice cream! (タイトルなし)_m I should of taken a picture before I started eating it. haha It looks all wonky. tumblr_inline_p6m7sprIt51rhwzwl_540

I ended up changing a bit the look of my blog, what do you think? I like it! It’s cute. I needed a bit of a change and I think this looks good for now!

This was really fun to do! I think I will do some more of these in the future! It probably won’t get as read compared to my other posts like reviews, but ehh I had fun so that’s all that counts in the end! 14664201I felt pretty today and was a pretty chill Saturday, but nice day so why not make this post! hehe Well I should probably go to sleep now since it’s late! Let me know how your day was. hehe

Hope to see you next time! Bye! tumblr_inline_pjlr5qnJ3R1rhwzwl_75sq

tumblr_inline_mqbyzoeK1Y1qz4rgp540 Currently listening to: Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Skeletons


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