Going On A Trolley Tour On Hollywood Blvd. – 2018 L.A. Trip

It started with going to Hollywood Blvd. That day was day one of the BTS concert Day 1 we were going to. That wasn’t going to be hours from now so we went to go do some sightseeing. We had a tour trolley planned.



This was the area you would wait for your tourist guide? So we were all wondering around.

IMG_20180905_091642096-01I am 100 percent sure I took wayyyyyy more hands and feet prints of celebrities, but somehow this one was the only one I could find??? I have no clue what happened to my other pictures I took!  tumblr_inline_mpl2ctRI5T1qz4rgp It’s quite upsetting, but at least I had this one right? haha I guess one is better than nothing. This one is really cute though, because of the cast, how small they were!IMG_20180905_103201004-01Trolley time. tumblr_inline_nl8y7d1ktm1t90c7j540

20-05-12-14-56-35-039_decoNot going to lie I was a bit shook with this tour? haha The guy drove faster than I thought one would? But hey, I from my memory can’t recall me being on a trolley before so I don’t know if that’s the norm.

Here is an obligatory selfie, because hey I was being a tourist. lol tumblr_m89iuvu9pE1qdlkyg540IMG_20180905_093623169-01I obviously don’t remember what what each thing is that I took pictures of since I’ve forgotten. tumblr_inline_p6m7soHX9J1rhwzwl_540 So I will just show you pictures! lolIMG_20180905_100505813_HDR-01IMG_20180905_100509962_HDR-01IMG_20180905_100544756_BURST001-01I don’t remember in which area it was, but there was a line outside a building. I’m guessing was for some type of show? Like the ones you go and sit in the crowd? I don’t know, that’s just my hunch. Anyway, when we passed, hahaha I still laugh thinking about it. When we passed the people in line all turned and somewhat smiled giggled. I bet they were like, “man look at these noobs, tourists.” haha We must of looked super touristy with our cameras in a trolley talking listening of the history of Hollywood. It was a tiny bit embarrassing, but at the same time not really, because I am a tourist. lol I do wonder though what they were thinking. tumblr_inline_p6m7sprIt51rhwzwl_540IMG_20180905_100746320-0120-05-12-14-55-30-007_decoIMG_20180905_100956114-01IMG_20180905_100959928-01IMG_20180905_101853937_HDR-01We had gone earlier that day to this museum ( not with the trolley tour of course) we went to it ourselves. When we had went to it, it was whoa, was it wild!! Definitely not for the faint of heart I’d say. IMG_20180905_102105115-01IMG_20180905_102130867_HDR-01IMG_20180905_102726553-01IMG_20180905_102826418-01IMG_20180905_102904768-01IMG_20180905_093220847-01So we got back to the parking lot. Trolley tour done! tumblr_inline_mpl4nrjvOz1qz4rgp540

We then were wondering around there.IMG_20180905_104948207-01IMG_20180905_105012876-01IMG_20180905_105115771-01Sorry for the blurry picture.IMG_20180905_105132377_HDR-01Oh I really wanted to go in here, but sadly they were closed that day!! tumblr_inline_n3k87vA9Ac1rd8m3kIMG_20180905_105136562-01IMG_20180905_105150489-01IMG_20180905_105805487-0120-05-12-14-56-04-739_deco

Another awkward selfie, you know. tumblr_inline_mpl4o1QWZH1qz4rgp540

Oh yeah, the weather was so nice!! It was fresh with the sun out, but not too hot or cold! It was lovely!! I wonder if that’s how overall the weather is there.

IMG_20180905_105817520-01IMG_20180905_105956287-01IMG_20180905_110002535-01What is this area anyway? haha I have no clue. Oh well, anyway thanks so much for stopping by! I hope it was at least fun reading even though I couldn’t be a tour guide myself and remember what each thing was. tumblr_inline_myvliv201P1qid2nw

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