I Made a Hobonichi Weeks / Journal Jelly Cover

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful day! A couple days ago I made another jelly cover for my Hobonichi weeks. I’m using my Hobonichi weeks as a journal scrapbook type, but I wanted to make a cover for it for now. I had leftover jelly sheets from my buy last year. I decided to make one! It’s pretty easy and simple and this time I did it without a sewing machine.I wanted to buy a jelly cover already made and probably more professional than mines, buuuut I’m broke and it was something to keep me entertained to do. 20200524_155300-01This is the Hobonichi I have been using hehe.20200524_155911-01I couldn’t decide which one I wanted. Hmmm In the end I chose the white one!

My sewing machine’s needle broke, and I didn’t have any other needles for it so I had to do it by hand. It was a bit hard to push the needle into the plastic sometimes so I had to be careful! Sometimes I used the table or bed to help me push it through. Be careful if you make one by hand too! Also, sit down and watch a movie or something, it’s going to take a while. haha I was watching a tv show while doing it.

I think it came out pretty good considering it was hand sewing plastic. lol gifoutWhat do you think? I think it’s pretty darn cute!! I don’t think it will last that long compared to if I sewed it, because sewing plastic by hand was kinda hard. lol For now I think it’s great and in the future I might just buy a already made one, but I think it looks good. hehe

Thanks so much for stopping by! Bye! tumblr_inline_mo7fg5O0MB1qz4rgp540

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