Rambling Thoughts About FOMO

Living that animal crossing life without animal crossing. Oh what can I say? You know how everyone and their grandma has been playing the new animal crossing new horizons? Well this animal crossing fan has not…

Woe cries the empty open wallet, cries with passion. Woe me…tumblr_ls12qtOZB91qapbyt540Just picture Mrs. Bennet saying my poor nerves, yeah that’s me. haha In all jokes aside, it got me thinking a couple days ago this.

Fomo, the fear of missing out.

Part of me thought I was just having fomo and I didn’t actually want it. As time went on I realized that was not the case, I do want it. The thing is it got me thinking, why do I want it, even if I know I want it? I have animal crossing for my 2ds and there is animal crossing pocket camp for free. I know the game itself for the switch is different, but I could just live without it. Granted I want other games for the switch too. lol

I saw multiple people on social media since it came out till now who have never played animal crossing and ended up buying it because they said they saw everyone talking about it. Fomo. I think for me it’s not just animal crossing that I wondered if I actually wanted it or not. I have had sooooo many things where I get caught up and want it even though I don’t need it.

How do I know if I really want something or is it just me getting caught in the moment and later being indifferent to it? I mean at the end of the day most things we want aren’t really needs if we really think about it… but it’s not bad to want things you don’t really need. I think maybe it’s bad when it becomes a problem and affects your life negatively, that is wrong.

I usually tend to feel guilty when I buy things that aren’t really needed or that I thought I wanted. I think what I will do is before I buy something, think for a while and if I still do then I guess I must of actually wanted it. Watching declutter and anti-haul videos are one of my favorite type of youtube videos to watch and those help too! You really get to see how wasteful one is.

Yeah, I think that’s what I will do in the future. If I really want it then I think it’s okay for me to want/ get it. I need to stop making myself feel guilty when I want things that I don’t actually need, but actually want. Of course, I want to be more mindful at the same time to not hoard and use the things I get.

Well my mind has been thinking of this for days and I guess before I get let’s say, a switch, I’ll actually use my 2ds. I mean, I hardly play it, so what makes me think I’ll play the one for the switch that much after a while? Hmm… maybe I should play the one I have first more and then see from there. I’ll apply that to everything else I want. lol

Have you had fomo before and if so did you end up getting whatever it was? Let me know it would be interesting to know! Thank you so much for stopping by, bye! cb5463e8c876bc8696eaca14d720554e8c7893a4

3 Comments on “Rambling Thoughts About FOMO

  1. Very interesting post! I think certain things always blow up more because of social media and that can really influence our wants. It always good to do a little research and ponder if we we really want that item, seeing things on social media and buying them isn’t always bad! It just important to really think instead of insta buying. I’m sure many people who bought animal crossing because the hype aren’t playing anymore and that sad I would hope people who bought the game were really interested because of their own thoughts!

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