Summer Planner Spread Collaboration

My friend Cori from Kooristyle and I did a collaboration in our planners. It’s the first time I’ve done a collaboration with someone, but yay my first one! We decided to do a Summer themed one! lmenu0173 Cori is using a Kikki K planner while I’m using a Hobonichi weeks planner. tumblr_inline_mszffhfURu1qz4rgp

We posted it on our instagram as well! If you want check it out there as well. Her instagram is Kooristyle and mine is rosyhappylife.

For my spread I didn’t know what to do really so I put all happy and sunny summer things I could find in it. haha I also had this picture I printed out from unsplash last year that came in handy!20-06-28-14-34-36-723_decoNow for Cori’s spread! I love how hers came out! Look at all those summer treats! Now I want some ice cream! lol I think her spread is way more organized than mine. haha 1593374820504 Check out Cori’s website! She has all her social media there! 1449a2bf7a7ce49c3413c66b0dbee967e06594a3 Kooristyle

Also, my friend Cori sent me a lovely snailmail package a couple months ago, I did a post on that. If you’re into snailmail check it out. Snailmail: Incoming

This was super fun to do and hopefully we do another one in the future! Have you done any particular summer spread lately? Let me know! Thank you so much for stopping by! Hope to see you next time, bye!

18 Comments on “Summer Planner Spread Collaboration

  1. I loved our mini collab ♥♥♥!! I also had so much fun with it and I think our spreads looks so cute together ^__^ I’m gonna be super happy if we can keep doing this from time to time. I think this was also my first planner collab and it was way more special because we did it together ^-^ Thank you so much my friend! You are helping and motivating me a lot TwT ♥♥♥!

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    • OMG thanks so much for the comment! This was really sweet!! T.T Of course we can make some more!! 😀 I’d be excited for them! I’m glad you’re more motivated as well!! 😀


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