Little Tokyo & Koreatown L.A. 2018 Trip

tumblr_inline_mfnksnAjpB1qdlkygHi everyone! I’m here with you today with the last part of my 2018 L.A. trip. I feel I took a while to post this up because, I’ve been feeling bit distracted with other things. I’m here now though! First thing first, this day I finally got to try purikura! I’ve for about 12+ years wanted to try it! I’ll talk of my experience about that a bit later on in the post. tumblr_inline_n3c3ltpQuX1qbq39l

We got up this day and we decided to head to multiple places. First we went to Chinatown which I did it’s own post by itself, check it out, Chinatown – 2018 L.A. Trip After we headed to Koreatown – we had a hard time finding the area. Noobies alert! If it was myself I doubt I’d find it at all. So we wondered around till we found it. I didn’t really take pictures as much because, it was really hot. Also, we went to this mall there and there was people and I was embarrassed to take pictures. lol tumblr_inline_nl8y6nQDGV1t90c7j540IMG_20180904_133626902-01IMG_20180904_133726740-01IMG_20180904_134539212-01IMG_20180904_140009104-01Us roaming around lost… tumblr_inline_p6m7soHX9J1rhwzwl_540IMG_20180904_150558105-01tumblr_me94fq2ohz1qdlkygThis is the only picture I took inside the mall food court. I had actually ordered bibimbap, but she misunderstood because my sis ordered kimchi tofu stew I think? I forgot what it was exactly. So I’m guessing she thought two of the same, which is okay, because it was yummy!

In one of the shops inside the mall there was a section where they had some Korean schedule books and I wanted one, but didn’t end up getting one. I think back at it and regret not getting one. haha Oh well!

We then took a train to go to Little Tokyo. Again I was lost and confused. hahaIMG_20180904_183919257-01IMG_20180904_183444983_HDR-01IMG_20180904_183904987_HDR-01We were waiting for the train. It took a little while, but since it was getting later the weather was cooling down. IMG_20180904_185453886-01Here we are now in Little Tokyo. We bought some souvenirs in some other shops, but some said no photos. That’s why I don’t have pictures of shops really. I also didn’t want to be too weird and take pictures all obvious. lolIMG_20180904_185450342_BURST000_COVER_TOP-01It was a cute area. We keep wondering around there and when we were in one of shops, I’m not sure which, I saw that outside they had a purikura machine!! How I said above, I’ve always wanted to use one!!IMG_20180904_200341296-01This is the one they had. You know the model on there kinda reminds me of Risa Nakamura, a Japanese model I’ve seen in Larme magazine. I wonder if it is her. hehe

inaholetodieshyAnyways, at first I was hesitant to take pictures because, I’m not that comfortable taking pictures of myself. The thought of people passing and seeing my feet. What if they accidentally think it’s empty and they walk in. haha I would of been so embarrassed!IMG_20180904_200125604-01The inside of the booth. It was really cool though, you had many options for it. It was how I imagined except I didn’t know I would be that awkward. haha I hope next time I relax and just have fun! 20-06-26-23-40-57-719_decoNow making them cuter! This part for sure was really fun! I think my younger self would of been super excited that I actually got to do this. haha20-06-26-23-42-39-464_decoOverall it was pretty fun even if I was awkward! So where are these purikura at? My mom has them in the back of her phone… How embarrassing. haha IMG_20180904_191331902-01After that we went to this Sanrio store. I’ve never gone to a Sanrio store before so I was exciting! Unfortunately at this point it was late and I was very tired!! So I didn’t really look around that well. I also didn’t get anything which I regret a lot!!IMG_20180904_191336217-01IMG_20180904_191141002-01IMG_20180904_191153254-01I should of gotten something at least! Looking at these pictures there were a lot of cute things. lolIMG_20180904_192639167-01By this time it was super late already and we were hungry. I just wanted to sleep, but my sister wanted to eat. We came to this restaurant that was there. tumblr_inline_mg0p2uirLO1qdlkygIMG_20180904_194154483-01I don’t remember what this was, but I think I didn’t eat because I just wanted to sleep.IMG_20180904_194730642-01For sure these were octopus? I think… haha it’s been a while.

After we headed to where we were staying and packed everything we bought and it was annoying. haha We slept for a little bit and then woke up to catch our flight and return home! When we got home ahhh was it amazing to flop on my bed! tumblr_lwjmxpdDZ91r8ck0jo1_100 I was very happy to be back, but I had a lot of fun!!

At home tumblr_inline_nl8y67Q95H1t90c7j540 that’s where I was told I was so sunburned from my shoulder/ back. lol I hadn’t noticed my back shoulder area before so I was surprised when someone took a picture of it for me to see. I came home like a lobster. Face, scalp, chest, and back shoulder area, all sunburned!!

Regardless it was amazing and I still can’t believe I got to see BTS twice!! Also, just traveling in a plane and to Los Angeles. I think it was super fun!

Thanks so much for reading up to here if you have! If you want to check out the rest of trip then I will link them below! Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope to see you next time, bye!tumblr_inline_mgpdkvsvlY1qdlkyg

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