Cute Sticker Haul + Exciting News

16234167Hello everyone! I come today with this super cute stationery haul. Most of the things on my haul are stickers, but really cute ones! Before I go into the haul I would like to share some exciting news!

tumblr_inline_n6caz3BFrW1rxsw83 I have some updates, I decided to make a youtube channel!  4 I think it would be fun for some posts to have videos that can compliment the post. I had a youtube channel multiple times before, but I hardly did anything with it. For my first video I posted a cute sticker haul! I have included my video here so if you’d like to see the items in detail and whatnot then please check it out!

I’d really appreciate if you can like and subscribe. 4 Of course if you want! hehe

If video is not your thing then don’t worry, I have included pictures of my haul! Screenshot from 2020-07-01 01-10-04-01

Screenshot from 2020-07-01 01-10-29-01

Screenshot from 2020-07-01 01-11-51-01This is one of my favorite sticker sheet ever!

Screenshot from 2020-07-01 01-12-16-01

Screenshot from 2020-07-01 01-12-39-01Some products as you can see have are already been used. haha

Screenshot from 2020-07-01 01-14-05-01

Screenshot from 2020-07-01 01-14-39-01

Screenshot from 2020-07-01 01-14-51-01

Screenshot from 2020-07-01 01-16-45-01

Screenshot from 2020-07-01 01-17-57-01Suuuuper cute, am I right? haha

Screenshot from 2020-07-01 01-19-06-01Most of these purchases are from etsy, aliexpress, and or gifts given to me by friends / bf/ family. These are really versatile, the flower and lace washi in my opinion. They can be great for scrapbooking or other crafty things. What is your favorite item? 🙂

I have been inspired by my friend Cori, she has a youtube channel as well so please check her out if you’d like. She showed me how to set up some stuff for it so I’m very grateful! Thanks again! tumblr_inline_mqbyznc0zS1qz4rgp540

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope to see you next time, bye!

4 Comments on “Cute Sticker Haul + Exciting News

  1. Yay ♥!!! I’m so happy hearing you have a channel again :3 and I loved that besides the video you also posted the pictures here 😀 btw, thanks for the shout out ^///^ ♥♥♥ and you know I can help you anytime ^.^/♪

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