About Me

Hello thank you for taking interest in learning a little bit more about me and this blog. This blog is to share things I like and memories! 😀

Newbie at a lot of things. Fan of fantasy, nature, stationery, pretty dresses, period dramas, flowers, telling stories, beauty, making things, otome games (cute games in general), and photography. I’m also a BTS fan – aka an army!20-05-21-10-47-18-558_deco-01

I want to make this blog a fun place to visit and I want to be able to look back and be able to see many things I made and my thoughts in that particular time! Rest assured that the person writing this blog is having so much fun! I hope it can come through the posts as well!

This blog used to be known as floralbun, but now it’s rosyhappylife!