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I Handmade A Journal Out Of A Paper Bag

Hello everyone! I made this super pretty journal and was really proud of it that I wanted to share on my blog! This is the first time I have actually made a journal from scratch and it took me 4 and a half to… Continue Reading “I Handmade A Journal Out Of A Paper Bag”

How To Make BTS Deco Polaroids

Hey everyone! I’m here today to show you what I did a couple days ago! They are BTS deco polaroids. They’re so cute to make! I’ve seen some people make them before, but with printable pictures on photo paper, but I don’t have that… Continue Reading “How To Make BTS Deco Polaroids”

May Hobonichi Weeks Flip Through

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing well! I wanted to share my Hobonichi weeks pages I have done. This is my flip through for the month of May! I am using my Hobonichi weeks as a journal mostly and with some planning.

I Made a Hobonichi Weeks / Journal Jelly Cover

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful day! A couple days ago I made another jelly cover for my Hobonichi weeks. I’m using my Hobonichi weeks as a journal scrapbook type, but I wanted to make a cover for it for now. I… Continue Reading “I Made a Hobonichi Weeks / Journal Jelly Cover”

How To Make A Blooming Happy Jar

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing alright! So today I wanted to share with you a mini diy. It’s a happy jar. The only difference is I called it a blooming happy jar, because my idea was you put your happy thoughts… Continue Reading “How To Make A Blooming Happy Jar”

Resin Pieces I’ve Made

Hello everyone! I’m back at it here with a quick post! I’m cooking lentils and as I’m waiting for it to cook I started looking in my crafty stash, as one does, and I came upon these resin pieces I made! I had forgotten… Continue Reading “Resin Pieces I’ve Made”