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Opening Mini Boos Blind boxes

Today I’m going to write about the time I opened these cuties up. I got them in a parcel. If you want to read about that then read my Incoming Super Cute Parcel. I’m so excited to show you which ones I got! So… Continue Reading “Opening Mini Boos Blind boxes”

Cute Sticker Haul + Exciting News

Hello everyone! I come today with this super cute stationery haul. Most of the things on my haul are stickers, but really cute ones! Before I go into the haul I would like to share some exciting news!

Daiso Haul

Hello everyone! 🙂 So the other day I was looking at my old blogs that are private right now and I noticed that I had multiple posts I forgot to switch over. I’m still a wordpress blog noob so if there was a way… Continue Reading “Daiso Haul”

Crafty Dollar Tree Haul

Hello everyone! ʕ •́؈•̀ ₎ Today I wanted to share the really fun stuff stuff I got at dollar tree. I got these things for a particular craft project I want to make!! I’m so excited about it! I’ll for sure show it on… Continue Reading “Crafty Dollar Tree Haul”

Mini Dollar Tree Haul

Hello! I just came from the dollar tree and this one is one I haven’t been to before. This one is way bigger than all other ones I have been to before! 😮 They had a lot of things that I hadn’t seen! I… Continue Reading “Mini Dollar Tree Haul”

Gifts From L.A.

So recently a relative of mine went to L.A and got me lots of fun stuff! She headed to the Line store for BT21 merchandise of course! Not all of what’s pictured in the image is for me. haha. Unfortunately she couldn’t get all… Continue Reading “Gifts From L.A.”