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Lovely Summer Outfits

Hello everyone! How’s the weather for you? Here is VERY hot! You think you get used to it right? It still feels too hot! I’ve been wearing really basic and hot weather approved clothing lately. If I had to say I’d say I haven’t… Continue Reading “Lovely Summer Outfits”

Blue Dress – Outfit

Hey everyone! I was looking through my drafts and I noticed I had this outfit post since forever that I never posted… sooo here it is! haha I mean I don’t want it to just be in my drafts forever so I might as… Continue Reading “Blue Dress – Outfit”

What A Rainy Day

Hello everyone! I’m going to go into a mini ramble, but it has a purpose… so yeah! My favorite type of blogs are lifestyle blogs. I really don’t mind reading of everyday type things – I think it’s really fun. You know the ones… Continue Reading “What A Rainy Day”

Casual Spring Denim Outfits

Hello everyone! I was being lazy today and part of me thinks it’s because I’ve been just lounging in pajamas. It’s been warmer these days too – yesterday I felt very stuff in my pajama pants! I think I might actually start putting an… Continue Reading “Casual Spring Denim Outfits”

Little Floating Flowers – Outfit

Hi everyone! Since last time I quite enjoyed sharing my outfit on my blog I thought I’d do it again! I’ve had this particular item of clothing for so many years and I still really like it! It’s really comfy and pretty.

Simple but Cute – Outfit

Hey everyone! I thought I’d start sharing some of my outfits on here. My outfits I don’t think are that great, but sometimes I think they’re cute. Today was one of those days. It’s a really simple one, but I quite like it. I… Continue Reading “Simple but Cute – Outfit”