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Flower Books

One of my favorite type of books are flower books. These are the ones I own and I think they are so pretty! I have a different range of books, ranging from the meaning of flowers to stories revolving of flowers. Also how to… Continue Reading “Flower Books”

An Afternoon

I’m going to start sharing some of my photography that I have taken before here on my blog. This is just for fun and I want to continue learning more about photography. This was take a while ago, like 2 years ago. I hope… Continue Reading “An Afternoon”

Chinatown – 2018 L.A. Trip

Hello everyone! I am back with the rest of my L.A. trip from 2018. I had taken a break to post the rest of it, but here I am back with it. This day we went to Chinatown and I think was during a… Continue Reading “Chinatown – 2018 L.A. Trip”