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Why I haven’t Been Using Social Media As Much As My Blog

It’s been a while already that I’ve thought of this, but I don’t really care for social media as much as I did before. Less and less I feel the need to be on it and want to be on it. I will exclude… Continue Reading “Why I haven’t Been Using Social Media As Much As My Blog”

Why Tohru Honda Is My Favorite Female Anime Character

GIF from Pinterest Oh what can I say about Tohru Honda? She is my favorite female anime character ever! I don’t think there can be another character in anime to surpass her. Besides Fruits Basket being one of my favorite anime/ manga which is… Continue Reading “Why Tohru Honda Is My Favorite Female Anime Character”

I’ve Been Blogging For Half A Year

On the 8th of July it’s going to be half a year since I started blogging! What the heck, how did time pass so fast!! You might think it’s not half a year I’ve been blogging because, I have older posts dating back to… Continue Reading “I’ve Been Blogging For Half A Year”

Rambling Thoughts About FOMO

Living that animal crossing life without animal crossing. Oh what can I say? You know how everyone and their grandma has been playing the new animal crossing new horizons? Well this animal crossing fan has not… Woe cries the empty open wallet, cries with… Continue Reading “Rambling Thoughts About FOMO”

BTS 7th Anniversary!

It’s BTS 7th year anniversary!I wanted to post this yesterday since in South Korea it would of been the anniversary, but I didn’t type it in time. I decided to post it today since it’s the 13th here. So what can I say about… Continue Reading “BTS 7th Anniversary!”

Black Lives Matter

Image credit: femalecollective Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I have been on my blog. I come today even though I don’t have that many followers here on my blog I decided that even if that’s the case I should use my blog… Continue Reading “Black Lives Matter”